A Nicely Worded Letter

Yesterday my friends at the Food Bank gave me a nice bouquet to thank me for creating and running a Fundraiser for them in the Mah Jongg Tournament. When Harry brought the flowers out to me as I was picking the car I thanked him and said, “Don’t do that again.”

It was such a nice gesture, but unneeded by me. I am perfectly happy with a nicely worded letter. (Which he also gave me in a card.)

I know that some people love a thank you gift. I am not someone that needs one. If we make a donation somewhere, I don’t need recognition. When NPR asks if I want the premium I always say no, but I also have never been called to say we won the trip to Paris.

When I have worked on campaigns, even as a chair, I do not want a gift acknowledging that I was part of the campaign. It often irks me when I go in the home of someone who “volunteered” to be part of campaign, but never actually did anything, and see the Simon Pierce commemorative bowl proudly displayed in their house giving the impression they had something to do with the campaign.

As I used to tell Carter when she would ask me what I wanted for Christmas, “Just write me a nicely worded letter.” I don’t want stuff, but I would always want to know how you feel.

Don’t thank me with a thing I have to think you for. Just tell me “Thanks.” I will enjoy these flowers, but they were not necessary.

One Comment on “A Nicely Worded Letter”

  1. beth says:

    sometimes it is for the giver’s benefit, the joy of giving.

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