Plants, Plants and More Plants

It was warm yesterday and I got the gardening bug. Russ and I got up early to go to the Durham Farmer’s market before my Mom was scheduled to come over. We didn’t get out as early as I wanted, but still pulled up just before nine. Russ and I looked over at the pavilion and there were just a few trucks just beginning to set up. Apparently the Farmer’s market is still on winter hours. Next week they open at eight, the time I am used to them opening.

With the looming deadline of my mother’s arrival Russ and I couldn’t wait until 10 so we went to Stone Bros. new location, just down Washington st. I was in the market for a few herbs, lettuces, kale and some ground cover. They had exactly what I was looking for.

The new Stone Brothers location is much bigger with more parking than the old location. They are adding a bigger nursery on the side. Inside the look was very familiar with the seed bins and old shelves.

I talked with the owner and complimented him on the new location, noting that it must had been a lot of work to make the move. He said they closed on Friday, moved everything and opened on Sunday. I am happy to have them still downtown.

The plants I got were exactly what I was looking for. The farmers market will have to wait until next week. I’ll want more plants then and the week after that and the week after that.

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