When Your Plan Bumps Into Your Calendar

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up after four hours sleep and never really went back to bed. No problem, I thought. I have an easy Sunday. I even thought, “I have an easy week.”

The plan was to watch CBS Sunday morning, go to church, needlepoint most of the day, trying to finish something on deadline and bake a cake for a friend’s birthday. If the weather permitted I might work in the garden. What a nice spring Sunday.

It all started out fine. I watched Sunday morning while needlepointing. Got dressed for church. Russ and I were the second ones in the pews besides the choir. I pulled out my needlepoint, yes I stitch at church and my pastor is fine with it. I said hello to the Wolfs. Then I looked at my watch to turn it to theatre mode which would silence and darken it. As I did that I noticed a calendar entry. Mah Jongg Class for a new group today. OH Shit!

I looked at my phone. Sure enough I had forgotten that I had scheduled a new group for four hours of lessons today and tomorrow. I also noticed that I had lessons Tuesday and Wednesday night. How had this slipped my mind. Last week when I taught I had a little thought that I had a small break before the New Mah Jongg card came out April 1. Apparently I had blanked out on the fact that I had people dying to learn Mah Jongg.

Not only did I need to be in Raliegh at 12:45 I realized that I was out of Mah Jongg Cards, because why would I need more when this card is only good for five more days.

I looked at Russ and told him I had to go. So before the prelude even started I got up and exited Church. Russ said people asked if I was sick. Yes, just in the head. I should have looked at my calendar.

Thankfully, I got all the supplies, and made it to the class and the students were none the wiser. I might have been a little short with one student, but then I turned back into the “this is the most fun game in the world teacher,” and all was fine.

The cake is in the oven now and I plan on finishing it tomorrow. So much for the needlepoint. At least I did not miss class with a group who had such difficulty finding agreeable times we are doing the whole thing in two longer sessions, rather than three. I am certain to have nightmares now about not showing up for class. I better pay better attention to my calendar a few days in advance.

One Comment on “When Your Plan Bumps Into Your Calendar”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    Glad you made the Mah Jongg class. I missed a hair appointment last week for no apparent reason. My hairdresser called me 10 minutes after it was to start and I rescheduled for this week. I hate to miss appointments, as I think we all do. It’s easy for things to slip the mind.

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