Happy Birthday Kathi

My lack of calendar awareness yesterday was remedied today. I knew I had a teeth cleaning first thing in the morning. I was home by 10:15 this morning and had a good four hours to complete the making of the birthday cake for my friend Kathi. It was plenty of time given that I had baked the cake last night and the layers were chilling in the fridge.

What my kitchen looked like after completing the cake

My plan was to make a carrot cake with marzipan carrots. Not that hard a job, but the hurricane of a mess that I made in the kitchen looks like a different story. I was well pleased with the final outcome, although not of the lighting of my photo.

Those birds were not on the cake

Kathi was very happy with the look of the cake when I brought it to her. She is such a visual person that how the cake looks is the most important thing. Thankfully she also liked the taste, especially of the frosting.

I was happy to celebrate her and am hoping that she has a most excellent and very healthy next year.

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