Intergenerational Mah Jongg

Yesterday I finished teaching a group of young women and four of their Mom’s. There is nothing better than a good intergenerational Mah Jongg group. I so cherish my friends of many ages who I have played Mah Jongg with over the last 30 years.

When the group played their last hands of the class and started to pack up the games, their class leader Jenna, who had organized their class, asked if we could get a photo. She wondered if they might be in the blog. Of course and of course. They were such a fun group who took to the game very quickly.

Tonight I had a different group of thirty something’s. They are quickly becoming addicted. As I had taught some of their mothers or mother-in-laws we discussed how great it will be at family vacations that they can all play Mah Jongg together.

Playing games together is one of the best ways to spend time together, especially with in-laws. Suddenly there are no grudges about who got cut from the wedding list due to space constraints or the slight someone felt from being told her stuffing was not needed at thanksgiving is no longer important because you have laughed and had fun together.

No one pulls a hamstring playing Mah Jongg. There is so much grace given in playing together as everyone celebrates the winner and commiserates over losing.

If you want something the whole family, including kids as young as 8, can do together, learn Mah Jongg. It will keep you all young and happy.

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