Your Child’s Life or your Gun

Today in NC our Legislators voted to override the Governor’s veto on a bill that removes the need for back ground checks for gun permits. TODAY! After what happened in Nashville yesterday. If Tennessee had back ground checks, yesterday’s shooter probably would not have been permitted to buy seven guns legally.

At this point all I have to say is we have a choice, the life of your child or the right to carry your gun. That is the choice. Are you really choosing a gun over your child? I know there are those of you who believe that by having a gun you are protecting your child, but not when they aren’t with you. Then someone else might have a gun and shoot your child.

The data proves that more children are dying by gun shots that any other reason, not cancer or car accidents or any other illness. Guns. You can’t take a baby home from the hospital without an approved car seat that has been inspected to make sure it is installed correctly, but someone can buy a gun and shoot their way into your child’s school and kill them.

Your child’s life or your gun, which one do you chose?

3 Comments on “Your Child’s Life or your Gun”

  1. Dell Paschal says:

    Thank yo Dana!

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  2. beth says:

    absolutely insane gun culture

  3. martypeterson6gmailcom says:

    Great post!!

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