The Most Perfect Day

After not being able to fall sleep last night I finally passed out after 2:18AM. That was really 4:18 my body’s time. Despite my lack of sleep today has been as fun as any day can be.

Not surprisingly we spent half the day in our night clothes, which happen to be matching navy blue PJ ‘s and night gowns with white piping. We spent the whole morning playing /teaching Mah Jongg. Suzanne, as the newbie, is sufficiently addicted.

Well after Noon we actually dressed and left the house. We spent the whole afternoon at the Dessert Botanical Garden. It was just the most beautiful spot and we walked every loop and looked at thousands of species of cacti and succulents.

When the dessert air dried us out we sat on the patio drinking prickly pear ice tea, telling stories and watching the dessert quails scurry about.

We had a very early reservation at a chichi restaurant Tocco Madera in Scottsdale. We were not dressed up, and could have cared less and went in our sneakers.

Dinner was a yummy adventure, mostly an opportunity to tell each other more stories.

After our very full day we returned to Janet’s house and hardly have energy to do anything more than watch a documentary. We will see if I can keep my eyes open. I need to reload for more fun tomorrow.

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