When I was very young and someone would ask me if I had any extra money that I could give them I always responded, “there is no such thing as extra money.”

Now I feel like that there is no such thing as extra time. That is unless you travel west and gain some hours. That is what I did today. I flew out to Arizona to visit my college friend Janet with our friend Suzanne.

My flights were many. I had to fly through Austin which was iffy given their weather problems and then on to Phoenix. Thankfully by the time my plane landed in Austin the ice was gone.

On each flight my watch kept adjusting giving me an extra hour. That helped keep my mind off the fact I was skipping any midday meal.

Eventually I got to Janet and Suzanne after enduring a very rude couple who chose to sit next to me. Being with two of my favorite people, who I share so many years of history with makes everything wonderful. Even staying up talking until almost two in the morning my time is only possible because I am with them.

So I rush to post this blog in my current time zone, before the clock strikes midnight. I got two extra hours in my day. Proving me wrong for just today that there is such a thing as extra time, even if it is just a loan I have to repay on Sunday. Sadly there was no extra money thrown in the equation to day. I’ll take great friends over money any day.

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