Not Enough Hours

It is so beautiful in Scottsdale there are just not enough hours to enjoy everything we wanted to do. Our day started with a long walk. It was longer than we anticipated because after walking along a trail next to the Indian reservation we got into a neighborhood that we couldn’t get out of easily so our 2 mile walk was more like three and a half.

The fun part was the free lemons and grapefruit we got along the way as well as they many cute dogs we met. My favorite were a pair of sheepdogs named Ava and Liz, after Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor. They had matching water spout pony tails on the top of their heads so you could see their cute faces.

Since I had not anticipated the extra mileage on the walk I got a blister on my heel because I did not wear socks. Janet saved me, but I learned my lesson.

Luckily the rest of the day consisted of teaching Suzanne more Mah Jongg, playing Mah Jongg with Janet’s sister-in-law Lisa who came by to play, cooking, eating and learning a new game called Play Nine.

The time together has gone so fast and I am already sad about our early morning trip to the airport. We just don’t see each other as often as we would like. We say this every time we are together. There are just not enough hours in life.

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