What to Give Me

My sweet father-in-law is a world class gift wrapper. Consequently he likes to give real gifts. He works months in advance. Wants lists, tips, ideas. I always am on the look out for things I can tell him that might be a good gift for Russ since I know I am going to get a call asking me what Russ wants. He wants nothing, but that does not stop his father.

It is a little easier for him to come up for gifts for Russ on his own since he is intimately familiar with all power tools and their various uses. Consequently we have a world class collection of drills, sanders, saws, power screw drivers, electric levels and stud finders.

Finding a gift for me is much harder for him. A gift certificate for my Needlepoint store is a favorite gift of mine, but not his since there is very little wrapping needed for that. See it’s all about the wrapping.

Today UPS delivered a box of Christmas presents from him. Not only are the gifts in the box well wrapped, but the card board box is also and engineering feat. He cuts down a larger box folding the extra card board to make double walled protection of the gifts inside. Then everything is tightly packed so no movement can happen which might disturb a well placed bow.

When the box arrived I alerted Russ. He said we must open the box now since there was a gift I had to have now. There were two, clearly marked “OPEN NOW.” The first was a Christmas tea towel, always a welcomed item from him. The second was a beautiful silver and gold finely glittered pine cone Christmas decoration. BIG HIT! There is nothing I like more than a beautiful Christmas ornament. As you might already know about me, you can not have too many ornaments on the tree. Even though one might think I have enough ornaments I can always find a place for a new one.

Amazingly there was a slightly bare branch right next to a red pine cone of a much less fine lineage than the one my father-in-law sent. This ornament is a much better present for me than a power screw driver. I am thrilled with my early gift.

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