Speak Up For Others

I am growing more and more distressed about the hate speech towards Jews and LGBTQ+ people. It’s not just speech, but also acts of violence towards these groups.

Everyone who does not agree with haters like Ye or Nick Fuentes needs to speak up against this kind of speech. You can not sit on the sidelines and say nothing, that makes you complicate.

Turning people on “the other” is nothing new. You can read it in the Bible, making some group feel less than has been around a long time. Just because it has gone on does not mean it should continue or grow as it has been lately. We had made a lot of progress in this country in the sixties through the eighties. There was most certainly hate in some people’s hearts, but they were much more likely to keep it to themselves.

Of course that one man whom I shall not name it to blame for lot of this open hostility. I don’t want to focus on him because this hostility is so much bigger than him.

I am proud to say I have many Jewish and LGBTQ+ friends. I stand with them to protect them. It is disappointing when one marginalized group throws hate towards another. Pushing others down does not raise you up.

I have heard people saying they are against Wokeness. Well I am all for people being “woke” if it means that we treat each other with dignity and fairness. You never know when your group is going to be “the other.”

For those Christians who hate on Jews, you seem to forget that Jesus was a Jew. Of course knowing your Bible is not the strong suit for people who hate anyone. Hate is one of the big things Jesus never did. Who are you to judge others? Stop the hate.

Please don’t be a bystander. Take a stand against hate. I know that loving your neighbor is the hardest commandment, but you have got to try.

One Comment on “Speak Up For Others”

  1. beth says:

    I so very much agree

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