Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch at CCC with their Assistant General Manager and the lovely Marty Peterson. Marty had been the one who originally brought me to CCC to share Mah Jongg with her friends. Her friends turned into friends of friends and eventually multitudes.

Then CCC put a halt to lessons and I was graciously invited into people’s homes. The wave of Mah Jongg could not be stopped. Apparently enough loyal followers of mine kept asking CCC to bring me back. So I got a call to come have lunch and discuss when CCC can resume classes.

Starting in January I will be back one week a month in January, February and March for Beginners and Advanced Beginners. I will also be doing a giant new card orientation class in April. If you are a member of CCC information about classes will be published soon. They are taking just members for early sign ups and if there are open spaces, non-members can sign up the week before.

I look forward to being back at CCC. For those of you who are interested in classes other places, January dates are booked, but there may be a seat at Benvenue in Rocky Mount the first week of January and Greenville CC the last week of January. If you want a class for your own group contact me about February forward. I will be at Dunes Club May 16-18, Coral Bay June 13-15, July 11-13 and August 8-10. Sadly all the spots are filled at Lyford Cay in the Bahamas.

Thanks to Marty for all her promotion of Mah Jongg. I look forward to seeing my Raliegh

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