Work From Home Works For Me

Last night Russ and I stayed up late to pick Carter up at the airport. She has a flexible Work from Home job and so she has come home for the whole Thanksgiving week. It is such a treat. I had not realized that she has not been home since last Christmas.

We have see her plenty, graduation, trips to Boston, Maine, but she has not come here. With my Mom in Durham it makes it easy for Carter to spend time with her.

Today for Carter’s WFH lunch break she took my mother out to lunch. She had a great surprise there when she saw our minister Chris which was a bonus for her.

After she finished her work day she went to Costco with me. It was so helpful to have her extra hands and good eye for gifts. We laughed about our shared love of appliances. We had a simultaneous reaction to a refrigerator and burst out laughing about it.

I hope that you and yours will get to spend some quality time over this Thanksgiving week. We never know how much time we have together. I hope that the flexibility of being able to work from home does not disappear. It also helps not having to travel on peak days.

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