Surprise Packages Keep Coming

My crazy sister Janet and her partner Sophie are not coming for Thanksgiving. It is Sophie’s big birthday so they are going on a nice trip. Yeah for Sophie! We wish her a happy birthday.

We are sad not to see them, but truth be told, they don’t usually come for Thanksgiving. So it came as quite a surprise when three separate boxes arrived today with gourmet treats for us. First a box of very special biscuits. I thought that was very nice.

Then a while later a box of an assortment of smoked salmon. Yum. Now we are getting fancy. And a final box of lobster Mac and cheese arrived. We have reached the highest of decadence.

Only my sister Janet would send such extravagant surprise gifts. Well actually it is just like something my father would have done, but don’t tell Janet that she is as superbly generous as he was. It was his best trait and one I am glad she got.

I am not sure when and where we are incorporating theses yummies into our holiday, but we will.

The good news is Janet and Sophie will be coming for Christmas so we can spoil them in person then. Until then, have a fun birthday celebration. We love you!

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