$120 for Head

Yesterday Russ got the mail as we were on our way out to do errands. As I was driving, he started to peruse the catalogs that filled our box.

“Apparently Sharper Image really likes you,” he said. “They sent you two catalogs.”

As he flipped through the pages he commented on the many useless items. The winner of then “stupidest gift” was a $120 beer dispenser. The thing that made it so ridiculous is a human must open a can of beer, put it into the machine and then put a cup under the spout, pull a lever and dispense the beer.

The copy reads, “The canned bear draft system uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a dense micro-foam that boosts the flavor of any canned bear.”

I laughed as Russ read this to me. “So this machines gives better head,” I said. “That’s all it does? You do most of the work, but it gives head.”

Russ nodded. “Well the copy writer missed the boat on this one. The headline should have been “‘Better Head, just $120.’ Men would buy them by the thousands.”

I went on, “If the headline was ‘Give yourself Better Head’ women would buy them for their significant others in droves.”

Now I wonder what is in the video.

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