Respondez, For God’s Sake

I’m beginning to lose patience with adults who don’t open, read or respond to emails. It’s the start to the holiday season. People are sending invitations to parties and would like to know if you are coming. Not responding is nothing new for some people and you know, we know who you are. I am a member of a club where, no matter how many emails are sent, no matter how blaring the subject line is, no matter that it has colors and lights that flash, there are people who can’t be bothered to say, “yes,” or “no.” And these are people who were brought up right.

If it were up to me I would remove people from guests lists permanently if they can’t have the courtesy to respond. Now the people for whom “No, I’m not coming” is the answer I think they assume that if you don’t hear from them you know they aren’t coming. Then there are the people who never respond and have the balls to show up.

People… do the right thing. Look at your email once a day. If you see something from a real live person you know, open it. If it is an invitation, look at your calendar right that moment and respond. If you think you want to check around to see if you are going to get a better invitation for that same day, then just say “No” right up front.

No hostess wants to think you came because nothing better came along. If it is a meeting that requires and RSVP, give it. The people who are organizing the meeting need to know how many chairs to put out and how much coffee to make.

This isn’t 1950 where you would write a formal note of acceptance for an invitation. Most invitations today have an easy electronic way to respond. Just do it!

2 Comments on “Respondez, For God’s Sake”

  1. Debi Taylor says:

    I love how every. single. one. of your posts I can 100% identify with!
    You must be my twin 😉

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