The Flower Caper

Fun garden club meeting today. Stacey Burkert had us to her workshop where we made paper white arrangements. Stacey designed a sample with sticks that will act as a fence to hold up the pesky flowers which tend to get lanky and fall over. Interestingly she told us that they get too tall if they do not have enough light. So keep your forced bulbs in a cool, but sunny spot so they don’t stretch to find the sun.

I made two arrangements so I can bring one to my mother. After finishing them I placed each arrangement in a box and set them by my purse. I started cleaning up so much of the mess we made in Stacey’s workroom. Others were still making arrangements that Karen Rabenau was going to take to the memory care home on Hope Valley road. The residents there get very excited whenever we bring them some floral decorations for their individual rooms.

After tiding up a bit I went to get my arrangements to take to the car and they were gone. I asked the half dozen people who were still there if they saw who took my flowers. None of them did. I had barley had my back turned to the bench where they sat for a minute.

I took a photo of the spot where the flowers once had stood and emailed it out to the whole garden club asking if someone had taken the wrong things home. Then I looked at the list of attendees. Subtracting the people in the room and the people who had left early I tried to figure out who it could have been. Stacey looked down the bench a ways and noticed two boxes with two different arrangements in bowls someone had brought from home along with her clippers and gloves. She recognized whose they were. Before I could even call her the mistaken thief pulled up in the driveway announcing she had mistakenly taken the wrong flowers home.

All was good and she put my flowers in my car. I called my mother to see if I could drop hers off and she is not in Durham. I hope nothing happens to her flowers until she gets back next week. They seem to be a hot commodity.

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