Poor Tiffany Trump

Tiffany has terrible timing. She announced her engagement the day before Trump skipped the inauguration and flew out of Washington like the pouty sore loser that he is. She got the tiny dim spotlight that she has always gotten as not an OG Trump kid.

Now her wedding is at Mar-a-lago this weekend. Let’s hope they get the hurricane shutters off the building before the wedding and that no storm damage rips up the place. Of course the real hurricane is her loser, I mean lousy father who did an excellent job picking mostly candidates based on how far up his ass they stood.

Thankfully most of the country voted for normal over MAGA crazy and Trump is getting blamed for it. He is certainly going to have an axe to grind and I can only imagine the speeches he will give at this wedding. My big question is who is he going to stiff in payment for this wedding, as he is holding it at his own club he won’t be able to run out on the bill. I can’t wait to hear what the tent vendor and the band have to say after the wedding is over.

How Tif picked the weekend after the election I will never know. She probably believed the polls like everyone else, but she should have hedged her bets and not chosen a date so close to her father’s most recent big loss. It can’t possibly be the party atmosphere at Mar-a-lago. Then again, it is just Tiffany’s wedding so it’s just not that important. She is the overlooked child. At least her engagement ring is bigger than Ivanka’s

One Comment on “Poor Tiffany Trump”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    While today’s issue is subtle I sense you are not impressed with the former first family. 🙂

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