All Saints’ Sunday

Today is the day we ring a bell at church for all whom we have lost this year as their names are read aloud. At Westminster they included everyone who the church prayed for who ended up passing away, regardless if they were a member of our church or any church. The list was long. It included Queen Elizabeth II and Desmond Tutu. It also included at least 14 members of our church, which is a lot to lose in one year. I can remember years where we only lost a few church members.

My friend Stori was in the list. They are listed in the order that they passed away since last all saints’ day. The name just before Stori’s is my friend Susan Ketch’s mother who died a few days before Stori. Also included are the father of my friend Dave Pottenger and his wife Sara’s mother Mary Tatum Quinn. The was a lot of loss for the Pottenger’s in one year.

I hope that if you lost someone in the last year they were remembered today on all saints day, as you remember them everyday. You only make the list once and I would hate for your loved one not have anyone pray for them, whether you are a believer or not, we still pray for them.

On this day I also pray for all the loved ones of the deceased. We can’t pray your special people back to life, but we can pray that you have peace and know you are loved.

3 Comments on “All Saints’ Sunday”

  1. beth says:

    hearts to stori , all of the others, and those who love them

  2. ellenpunderwood says:

    Well said.

  3. Susan Ketch says:

    Thank you for generous and loving hug at church yesterday. This service is always meaningful, but so much more so when your mother is on it amongst so many others that you love.

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