But Mother, I’m Hungry

I don’t know what happens between Shay and Russ while I am away working. Her normal dinner is some kibble with a few pieces of chicken. She eats the chicken and maybe one stick of kibble. Then she stands by whatever human is nearest and looks you straight in the eye and licks her lips. That is the signal that she is ready for her cheese course.

A small sprinkling of shredded cheese goes on top of the kibble. She daintily eats the cheese leaving most of the kibble, a feat that is not easy to do since the kibble and the shredded cheese are basically the same shape and size.

Back to looking at the closest human. Knitting her brows and licking her lips. Time for her second cheese course. Usually she eats that and finishes her kibble all at the same time. She knows that is her three course meal.

Tonight Russ gave her a third cheese course. What? When did this start happening. She licked up the last shed and showed us a clean bowl. I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs with me. No.

Russ asked if she wanted to go outside. No. She held her ground on her kitchen bed, sitting with her perfect straight backed posture. She started licking her lips. We held our ground. Then she gave us the sad puppy face and knit her brows. Russ gave in. Four cheese courses! I looked at her with the, “this is the last time,” face.

She lay down and gave me the, “But mother, I’m hungry,” face. I think she has been watching 101 Dalmatians.

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