Chicken With My Vegan Salad

I went to lunch today with my friend Jan. I had requested we go someplace with a healthy salad and we settled on the Boot, by the beer study. They had a number of nice salads and I chose the vegan because I liked the vegetables in it. I asked the server if they could add chicken to it and she said, “yes, grilled or fried?” I happily chose the grilled.

I have to say that the vegan salad was delicious with the chicken. So my version was a vegetable chicken salad. I did not miss cheese at all. The best ingredient in the salad was shiitake mushrooms that had been smoked so they resembled bacon. Chicken is much better with bacon and so the mushrooms were excellent with the chicken. I am going to have to learn how to make these mushrooms at home. Maybe a smoking gun is a good Christmas present to ask for this year.

In the scheme of what is bad for the world and what is bad for me, beef and dairy products aren’t that great, but chickens are not that hard on the planet.

Happily the server did not flinch when I asked for chicken with the vegan. I think this might be the compromise I can live with since it was so yummy.

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