More Mah Jongg for Less Violence

I’m home from making 24 new friends in Greenville teaching Mah Jongg. On my ride home I listened to the radio all about political violence and I got to thinking about how there is no violence in Mah Jongg. People of all political persuasions play together happily and hardly a mention ever occurs that would cause a fight.

The world needs more Mah Jongg and less violence. Guns are never welcomed at Mah Jongg. The most dangerous thing there is my pointer stick at Mah Jongg class and so far I have not hit anyone, even by mistake.

I’m tired of people thinking that a Gun or a Hammer can solve a problem. Most of those people with those are men who might never have learned to “use their words” when they were little. I think if people could play more games together they would find out how much they liked each other.

Once you like someone it is easier to come to a consensus about things. Life is about compromise, not about who can yell louder or shoot faster. Shooting should not ever come into it.

So sit down and play a game and when you are done go out and vote. It’s not over until all the ballots are counted. Don’t pay attention to polls. We can’t save democracy if we don’t participate. Then come back and play Mah Jongg.

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