Taking Up The Make Up Mirror Cause

On Friday I met my old roommate Nancy at a Hotel in Boston. We were there to be roommates once again before going to the service for our friend Stori. Saturday morning we both got showered and got ready. Nancy came out of the hotel bathroom complaining of no make up mirror. I complained of the font size on the tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Take off your glasses and see if you can read these

Here we are, two sixty year old women unable to get read without out reading glasses on. Nancy said she is on a campaign to get hotels in supply make up mirrors in their bathrooms. My campaign is to have all toiletries to have a BIG S on the shampoo tube, a BIG C on the conditioner and a BIG L on the lotion.

I don’t know about you, but I started needing reading glasses just after I turned 40. I will be needing them the rest of my life. If I m lucky I am going to still be going to hotels until I am at least 80. That is forty years of not being able to see which tube I need to wash my hair or be able to apply mascara in a hotel.

So I am jumping on Nancy’s campaign and every time I stay at a hotel without a make up mirror I post a request and complaint on their website. I’m asking at the front desk and sending a note to the corporate headquarters.

I am adding a campaign for shampoo with a big S. If hotels put those big refillable bottle in the shower they usually have a bigger identification on them and they don’t add as much plastic waste to the landfills.

It’s time for older duets to speak up! We have dollars to spend. Join us in alerting hotels what old ladies want and next time you go to a hotel without these things speak up.

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