High End Take Out?

I’m out of town teaching Mah Jongg. I’m staying at the nicest hotel in this town. The hotel is very nice. I have a big room with a Desk, chair, sofa, king sized bed. The lighting is even fairly good.

The nicest restaurant in town is right beside the hotel. I ordered some roast chicken and salad for dinner. They brought it to my room in a Brown cardboard take out container placed inside a brown paper bag. All fine with me. Then I found the silverware. One of those little plastic sealed bag with a plastic fork, knife and spoon, thin tiny white napkin and salt and pepper packet.

Those ubiquitous take out silverware packets come in varying quality of silverware. This packet happened to be of the lowest quality. The fork was so small and thin it could not pierce the salad greens. The knife twisted as I tired to cut. It could not hold up to being pushed down onto the food.

Please, if you own an up scale restaurant please but the heavy duty silverware packets. The cost is less than a nickel more than the thin ones. Buying the cheep ones just lost me as a repeat customer. I had to go to the front desk of the hotel and ask for real silverware. Thankfully they had some.

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