Some Things Suck Better Than Others

At this point in my life I have many vacuums. My oldest, and probably the best is my trusted 35 year old Electrolux vacuum. Despite being the best it is relegated to the downstairs closet where it gets used the least. I think years ago it needs to be serviced and so rather than servicing it I bought a new vacuum. That vacuum is the most hated, dyson Animal. I don’t know why I thought I needed a vacuum that was good for pet hair when I have a dog that does not shed.

The dyson is heavy, awkward and difficult to clean out. It was so heavy many people were unable to carry it from one floor to another in my house, even though every floor is only separated by six steps.

Eventually I got a debot, robot vacuum. I love that I don’t have to do any work, but hate the battery life and the fact that it is not the right machine if I just need to clean up some milk bone crumbs Shay has left in the living room.

So for those quick spot jobs I got a stick vacuum. It did the job well at first, but as time has gone on the hinge to the canister has broken and the battery life keeps me from being able to get all the dust in one session.

In my heart I know I should get my Electrolux serviced and start using it as my everyday vacuum, but I know that getting it in and out of the closet and plugging it in, dragging it around are not going to happen just to spot pick up the crumbs.

Perhaps the shortened battery life is just telling me not to stress about dust, or that I should clean every day and not just once a week. I think that based on my many and varied vacuums there is not one answer to my dust problem. Maybe I should just take my glasses off.

One Comment on “Some Things Suck Better Than Others”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    I had Electrolux vacuums for years. There is nothing like them. I would get newer vacuums, all highly recommended by Consumer Reports, and nothing compared. Finally, I had to donate my 70-year-old Electrolux and 45-year-old Electrolux to a Christian second-hand thrift shop. I am not sure I did anyone any favors who may have purchased them. I bought a Miele three years ago, and it is the best thing close to an Electrolux I have. I am hoping it will last 20 years. Good luck with all the cleaning options you are using. Yes, today, I still sweep with a broom and dustpan and dust myself with a rag — still the best way at times.

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