Enduring Friendships

Four weeks in Maine this summer was hard to beat. I honestly was not ready to come home when our time was up. It was such an unplugged vacation with a relaxed rhythm that I really got used to. Usually I am ready to come home from vacation, but this was not like a vacation, but a life.

Today I went to a birthday celebration for a friend in my stitching group. We normally get together once a month, except during the summer, so this was my first chance to be with everyone. This made being home wonderful. I didn’t know I missed my friends as much as I did, because I had other friends in Maine.

One friend had been going through some health issues and I was sorry I was not around to help, but so glad to see her on her way to being herself. Another friend had suffered some back issues so we shared our love of PT. I learned who had gotten Covid over the summer. How empty nest is going for another. Heard about trips people have planned. Caught up on the issues people have with aging parents. These things aren’t shared over instagram, so being together is really the best way to support each other and celebrate each other.

It is a blessing to have a change of scenery, but only when you are with old friends do you realize how important enduring friendships are.

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