In Trouble Now

Two of my big game playing friends, Lee and Shelayne could not believe that I had never played Canasta. They thought it was time I learned. Lee had us over for lunch with another friends Susan to teach me. We played as partners and Lee was my Partner and Susan and Shelayne made of the S squared team.

It didn’t take long for me to grasp the rules. Just long enough for Lee and I to take the first game. Shelayne said that the tender teaching gloves were off and we played a second round and S Squared won. I can see that I am quickly becoming addicted to this game. I came right home and downloaded a computer version on my iPad.

I have no idea about strategy yet, as I barley have the mechanics down. Lee and Shelayne are ready to play with me again since they know they can beat me at Canasta better than Mah Jongg.

Loving playing games is such a joy and a time suck for me. Thank goodness I m productive in teaching Mah Jongg, which is still the greatest game. I m not sure my mother plays Canasta, but I am going to have to teach her because I bet they play it where she has moved.

Thanks for the delicious lunch and the new Game, friends. I’m free next week to play!

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