Sadness for the Queen

Even though she was 96, I am still shocked at the death of Queen Elizabeth. As long as I have been alive she was THE QUEEN. It did not matter that other countries might have had queens, or a singer was “the queen of soul” or “Queen B”, there was only one real Queen, Elizabeth.

Having lived in London twice in my life, the last time on the north side of Hyde Park right near Buckingham palace, I revered her. To my British friends I send my condolences. Monarchy is a complicated subject. To those inside the UK who feel it is too expensive I want to remind them that the best ambassador for tourism in the UK has been the queen. She has been so beloved around the world.

I am especially shocked that the Queen gave an audience to the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, just days before her death. She was up and dressed and holding her hand bag three days ago. Now she is gone. I certainly hope not to be working three days before I die. Liz Truss better do an damn good job, since she was the last PM to have an audience with the queen. It’s an auspicious start to her term.

I am glad that the queen lived long enough to have her big Jubilee. She was feted while she was living and we can morn her now that she is gone. I am going to have a very hard time switching from “God save the queen,” to “God save the king.” She left some really big, but sensible, shoes to fill. God help King Charles.

One Comment on “Sadness for the Queen”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    One of the saddest days of my life. I am still processing this. There simply was no one else like her. Godspeed to the next journey in your life, Queen Elizabeth.

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