And Just Like That

Her flight was at 4:40. It takes us about five minutes to drive from our little house to the Owl’s Head airport. She had to check-in in person thirty minutes before the flight and fifteen minutes before six TSA agents came out and opened the security check. With an eight person flight that’s almost one TSA person per flyer.

Comically her ticket said “pre-check” but that did not mean that they were not going to open and search every inch of her bag, along with everyone else’s. Since we had nothing better to do we went outside the airport and sat in the Adirondack chairs next to the covered picnic table which must be the TSA break room.

Shay was very attentive watching the pilot check the plane, which happened to be Cape Air’s newer model with what looked like more head room. Russ looked it up on his new favorite website Flightrader. Turns out her plane is serial number 37, new plane indeed.

We watched her walk out of the terminal along with her co-passengers and hand off her back pack to be stowed in the rear of the plane. No wing storage on this model. She boarded first without a look back. I teared up a little as the flight taxied down to the end of the runway. A rare week together. So few and far between. She’s back to her happy life in Boston. It’s what we worked all those years for, but It doesn’t make me any less sad when she flys away.

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