Slow Down Maine

It certainly did not take long for us to slow down into Maine Mode. I slept until nine and then again at three in the afternoon. It’s not like I did much in between.

Russ made me breakfast and we lazed around until we felt compelled to go to the big grocery and get some staples. We are total dinosaurs because we wanted to buy a bar of soap for the one tiny shower we have and there was none to be had. Probably best as we have very hard well water which has trouble getting soap off of us.

After the regular grocery we stopped at a farm stand near us and was happy to find beautiful tomatoes, corn and cantaloupe. It has been dry here so I hope the farmers are going to make a living this year. We will do out best to buy local where we can. Can’t do more local than lobster.

Since we had a late breakfast our plan was to visit our closest lobster shack at five for dinner. McLoon’s was the closest so we harnessed up Shay and drove on down to South Thomaston. Since they close at seven, five was not too early for dinner. We had to drive through the lobster processing section, as they export the majority of their lobsters, before pulling into the picturesque spot for dinner.

The harbor was filled with lobster boats and there were plenty of picnic tables and Adirondack chairs to sit in while you enjoy your meal. I went to the window and ordered us each a lobster roll and a cup of clam chowder to share. In no time they were calling my name, or the Maine facsimile of my name, and they delivered our tray to our table.

As far as I am concerned I have never had a bad lobster roll. The clam chowder was not anything to write home about, especially when compared to the chowder at Claws, our favorite lobster shack. The atmosphere was delightful, but I think we will have our next lobster at Claws. So far I have been in Maine two days and had lobster both days. I am looking forward to making the truffle lobster Mac and Cheese recipe my sorority sister Janet sent me today.

Shay is getting into the Maine way of life too. She has made use of her bed we brought up here any chance she gets. She did not like being left alone when we went to the store, but other than that she has had Russ time all day. Nothing make a girl happier. I should know.

Lobster count: three

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