Two Days Home…Not Enough

Russ and I arrived home from Pawleys yesterday at 3. I promptly took a nap. I guess my extrovertedness saw the empty house and crashed. Russ was happily alone and awake.

Today was no better for me. I did laundry, but that was the extent of my productivity. I am resting up for my next trip in a day. Back to the beach for my final Mah Jongg classes of the season there. Seems like I have packed too much into my summer in anticipation of my month off in Maine.

I have a romantic idea that I will get to read, write, make art and cook a lot of lobster. Russ has even bigger hopes. Preparing for such a big break in our day-to-day life is not easy. Paying the bills in advance, lining up people take care of our house, getting prescriptions are just the easy things.

My list of things to do is growing and I have mere hours to complete it. I should never have taken that nap when we got home, let alone have such an unproductive day today. Sometimes you just have to take everything one day at a time.

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