Backhand to the Arrogant

Nothing made me happier than the guilty finding of Steve Bannon today. The trice-shirted, pompous blow hole met his match in a DC court. It is about time that Trumps cohort have to answer to the same laws as the rest of the country. If you receive a subpoena from congress to come testify you only have so long to pretend that you don’t have to listen.

The case was so open and shut the prosecution only put up two witnesses and Bannon’s team didn’t bother to present a defense. How could they? Bannon is indefensible.

He did appear to have cut his hair a bit and showered at the first day of the trial, but one shower was all the guy could muster. So when he was found guilty he was just as greasy in person as he is in spirit.

Just being a white man does not give you a get out of jail free card when you are so flagrant at your thumbing your nose at the law. He thought he could fight the law, but the law won.

Thank you DC jurors who are doing more than your average share of holding January 6 law breaker’s feet to the fire. Three hours deliberation is an open and shut case.

Bannon could get up to two years in jail for these two crimes and Biden will be President for the whole time so no pardon for you. I hope that he is ready to bend over plenty in prison after all the harm he has done to our country.

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