Don’t Look Up

Since I have had a hurt leg for two months I have taken to wearing just two different pairs of shoes that feel the most comfortable. Actually in the last three weeks I have only been wearing my fit flops which far surpass any other shoes. It’s amazing that I really don’t need or want other shoes.

My hamstring is now better and my bursitis is practically healed. I think I could wear other shoes if I wanted to, but now that nothing hurts I am not inclined to try other shoes. I am not sure if other shoes might put me back where I was and I don’t want to find out.

In spite of needing only my allbirds and fit flops I will have hundreds of shoes in my closet. They cover the floor, they spill out of a laundry basket under some hanging clothes, they fill wall racks and as if all those are not enough… they are in shoe boxes on shelves.

Tonight when I was putting away laundry I happened to lookup in my closet. That is when I spot the pile of boxes in the back corner. I wonder when the last time was that I even looked in those boxes. It takes getting out a step stool, and clearing a path on the shoe-strewn floor to even reach one of those boxes.

I know it is time to just get rid of them, but that is work. I would much rather needlepoint or play Mah Jongg. Those shoes aren’t hurting anyone up there in an out of the way corner.

The one thing I know is that when I travel I only need two pairs of shoes, except when I go to Maine, when I’ll also take my water shoes too. So for now I am going to just not look up when I open my closet. Really I always have to look down so I don’t fall over due to the shoes on the floor. I could get rid of the shoes on the shelf and move my floor shoes up to the shelf, but as I know, once they go on the shelf they never get worn again.

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