The Friend of My Friend is My Friend

Tonight I got a call from one my boarding school bffs who lives in Massachusetts. “Hi Stori,” I said answering her call. “I just met Suzanne Worden!” Stori exclaimed over the line. Suzanne is my bff from college.

This morning, in our morning wordle exchange, Suzanne reported that she was going to Manchester-by-the-Sea today to see our other college bff, Janet. Janet used to live there and she and her husband were back for a visit.

In the small world Janet and Stori knew each other as their girls attended the same school at one point. So when Stori got off the tennis court at her club and went into the club house she was surprised to see Janet, who had moved to Arizona three years ago. Then Stori saw Suzanne, whom she had only seen and read about in this blog, but she recognized her immediately.

Stori told me she said, “You are Suzanne Worden, Carter’s godmother.” So they took a photo together and Stori sent it to me as proof that friends from different places in my life are meeting each other randomly in the wild. That made me very happy that they all met and were kind, as they always are.

My two college bff’s meet my birding school bff and I’m not there!

Such a better example of hospitality than the encounter, or lack of encounter I had today. I was out to lunch with two friends to celebrate one of their birthday’s early. Someone we all know walked by our table and we didn’t see her until she was passed us. After her lunch the same woman walked back by our table without stopping or saying hello. This woman may be a friend of some of my friends, but she certainly does not subscribe to the rule, a friend of my friend is my friend.

One Comment on “The Friend of My Friend is My Friend”

  1. Stori cadigan says:

    So very blessed to be one of the friends❤️

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