Just Call Me Granny

Bursitis. That’s an ailment I think Granny on the Beverly Hill Billies used to have. Well, that’s what I have. I am thankful to know what it is and that I can even do something about it.

As I described to the Dr. the timing of my leg pain she definitely thought my five days in Boston at Carter’s graduation, when I walked a total of 32 miles over five days, as the precipitating event. So just because I can walk 11 miles in one day does not mean I should. I also did have a hamstring injury, which is tied up in this, but PT has fixed that.

So now I am icing and using Voltaren and still going to PT, but with a plan of exactly where to concentrate my efforts.

Getting old is not for the faint hearted. I am going to fight it every bit of the way.

True to form though, I called the ortho Doctor’s two weeks ago to get an appointment. My original appointment was supposed to be last week, which meant I still had to wait a week. Two days before I was supposed to go I got a text telling me the Doctor was going to be a grandmother on the day of my appointment so they pushed me back another week. This weekend I noticed a noticeable improvement in my knee.

I’m not complaining, but if figures that once I waited so long to go to the Doctor it would start getting better before I even see her. Still glad to have an official diagnosis. Just call me Granny.

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