Savory Zucchini Waffle

In my world I never stop dreaming up different ways to use zucchini. There is nothing more beautiful than a just picked vibrant green spear. It has a little flavor, but it takes to anything. So today I really went outside the box. I grated a medium zucchini on the large holes of the box grater. I added pepper turkey, Gruyère and mozzarella cheese, dry buttermilk pancake mix, sriracha, egg and water – Heaven. I ate mine naked, Russ put some syrup on his. It is the perfect blank crispy canvas for other things. Of course a fried chicken tender with a schemer of marmalade butter would be good. You could sauté some shrimp with green onions and a little cream and ladle it over. Or you could turn it into a Pizza with some sauce and a little bit of Parmesan.

I didn’t measure anything so all these amounts are approximations. It really depends on how watery your zucchini and cheese is.

Preheat your waffle iron

1 medium zucchini – grated

Four slices of peppered turkey, crumbled up

A handful of shredded Gruyère cheese

A handful of grated mozzarella

Mix that all up.

Sprinkle about 3/4 of a cup of dry buttermilk pancake mix on top and mix again.

Beat one egg and add 1/3 c. Of water to it. Beat again.

Mix liquid into the other ingredients. It it appears dry add a splash more of water. You want the mixture to be thick and no dry mix anywhere. It’s mostly zucchini and cheese.

Drizzle about 2 T. Of sriracha in mix and stir.

Spray waffle iron with Pam and spoon mixture into the center of each section.

Close the lid and cook about five minutes. The steam coming out will slow down.

Open the lid carefully so you don’t pull the waffle apart. I had to stick a fork inside and hold the top of the waffle down.

Serve immediately.

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