Nice Work If You Can Get It

This was the first day I have had two classes back to back with no break in between. On top of that they started at three in the afternoon and ran until nine at night. Normally I am in my soft clothes at seven, watching Jeopardy, writing my blog and am sound asleep by ten. Having a day where the majority of it happens in the afternoon, evening and NIGHT goes against my natural clock. Thankfully teaching Mah Jongg brings its own energy so I was able to power through.

My first class was an advanced beginner class so I knew all the students. It is so much easier when I know the personalities and the flow of the group. I am amazed that I can create a curriculum for every level of player and still teach them the same things in different ways u til I am certain they understand everything.

My second class arrived and they were all new faces. I had mistakenly thought I was doing two advanced beginners, back to back, when I really was doing a beginner class from 6-9.

Twelve new people, twelve new names, twelve new personalities to figure out. They were a rowdy group and I am certain I was a little harsh when I told that, “I am talking now.” But they also fell in love with the exercises I had them do to learn the card and they quickly were competing with each other to find the right hand before the other tables. My most challenging student blurted put, “Can you be my new best friend?” Addiction is powerful.

The first night of class is the hardest night so next week will be easier and the third class even easier. Eventually I will acclimate to night work and by the time I do it will be spring and Mah Jongg Learning season will give way to people wanting to do outdoor things. I have to make the most of this during the gray and boring months of waining winter. I am not missing anything fun going on at home. It’s nice work so I’ll take it.

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