Pence Grows A Pair

As the Republican National Committee is off at a meeting in Salt Lake City approving a resolution that says January 6 was “legitimate political discourse,” an idea so outrageous is is apt to play well on Fox News, Mike Pence was in Florida making a statement of a different kind. Pence, outside Orlando speaking at the Federalist Society said words I never he thought he had in him, “President Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election.”

While some in the party want to white wash what happened, Pence finally found his voice after four years as the silent sycophant to his boss who told more lies daily than most presidents told in a year. It only took Pence just under 13 months from the day that Trump sent a mob, riled up by his speech, to the Capital to find Mike Pence, with no concern for his safety, as some chanted hang Mike Pence. It is about time that Pence grew a pair and spoke up.

I am no fan of Pence. His policies as Governor of Indiana go against my beliefs, but I do think he sees the difference in honoring the constitution and the danger of burning it down. Pence finally realized that Trump is loyal only to himself. Carrying his water did Pence no good. I don’t think Pence stands a chance of getting the Republican nomination if he runs for President. His years of namby-pamby ways are too much to over come especially with a party who are trying to normalize what happened on January 6, but still good for him for saying anything against his former boss. I never thought he had it in him.

One Comment on “Pence Grows A Pair”

  1. beth says:

    I feel like he knows it’s all coming out now, way to little, too late, but I’m happy he’s doing it

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