There is nothing more wonderful than girl friends. I feel totally blessed to have a small special neighborhood stitching group. We have been gathering together every month for the last few years to needlepoint together, share our expertise with each other and most importantly friendship. We can only have the number of people who fit around Kathi’s breakfast room table so we have had to remain a small tight group.

Last year we decided to do an ornament exchange like I do with my bigger needlepoint group, which has been a joy to me for so many years. With just six in my small group we also give each other gifts along with exchanging our specially made needlepoint ornaments for each other. If I ever want to know what the best of anything is I ask these friends. The gifts we exchanged last night made us all so happy because they were things we all loved, but did not know existed before we received them.

The highlight of the night was the giving of needlepoint. Each one had a personal meaning from the giver. The pressure is high to create the perfect ornament. At the end of the night we secretly picked our names for next year so I am already scheming what to stitch next.

For my non-needlepoint gift I gave everyone one of the special softest scarves my sister Janet sells at her company I brought six different ones and had everyone pick numbers and they chose which one they each wanted. They chose the ones I envisioned would be perfect for each person and then they modeled them for me.

Thanks to Kathi for hosting the fun night of cocktails and yummy treats. I love our stitching group and all the fun that goes with it.

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