Carter’s Extra Great Day

Twenty-three years ago Carter came into this world, making her parents very happy. Russ wanted the birth announcement to read, “a day that will live in infamy.” And I wanted nothing to do with such disgrace. I am happy to report that Carter has changed what Pearl Harbor day means in our house. It is a day of celebration.

The happiness today is not just for her birthday, which would be good enough, but also that today she signed a contract for her post college job with a technology company in Boston. After spending 20 months working full time at a big finance company in Boston, while going to school she decided this summer that she wanted to pivot to something else. Why not? She’s young and curious.

Tomorrow is the last last day of classes for her undergraduate career. She graduates next week, although the ceremony will not take place until May. So she knows what she will be doing after college and is taking a month off to relax and recharge with no stress. It’s a big day for Carter and one I only could have prayed for on the day she was born.

So congratulations Carter. You make us proud everyday and we are so happy for you.

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