The First Monday in December

As has been the tradition for the last eight years the first Monday in December is reserved for my original needlepoint groups ornament exchange. Like the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving and the first Monday in October is opening day for the Supreme Court, I always know what I am doing in on this day. It is one of the highlights of my year.

Last year we had Zoom needlepoint exchange, which was better than not having it, but nothing like our regular party. This year, since we have some seniors, we had the party and the lunch, but did not sit close together at the dining room table and instead ate lunch on our laps in my big Christmas room. It was the perfect answer to be together and still safe.

This year we had a special guest, Lucy Taylor, Kate’s oldest lab who came to have lunch with Shay. It made for a very festive party as we are all dog lovers.

The highlight of the festivities is the giving and receiving a special needlepoint ornament secretly stitched for a friend. There is no one more appreciative of a beautifully made work of art than a fellow stitcher. We all ooohhh and aaahhn over the darling ornaments, some with beading, other’s specially designed, all made with love for each other.

We had lunch and Needlepoint Nancy brought the dessert this year, totally lightening the load on me. It is always my favorite way to kick off the holiday season. Although there are not as many big parties this year, in fact Russ and I are purposely skipping one big one because I don’t want to risk Covid for a big party, I seem to have a lot of smaller get togethers. I count I still have five more events to throw at my house right up until New Years Day. Thank goodness everything is decorated and ready for a party. Not one will be more loved than today’s.

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