Back and Forth

This fall I have spent a lot of time driving back and forth to Raleigh. The bulk of it has been to teach Mah Jongg, so it is a joy. Last night I was invited to be the surprise guest at a Mah Jongg Christmas cocktail party at CCC with many of the hundred and twenty people I have taught in the last four months. It was such fun to get to hear about how people are doing playing after their initial classes and answer questions.

I got home late last night and had to turn around and drive back to Raleigh this morning for a lunch with my Harvard 100 leader, Chuck ReCorr and two other friends to discuss non-profit board issues. As usual, Chuck made the reservation at the Capital Grille where he is such a regular that we all had, off the menu special items that Chuck recommend. I have learned over the years to just get what ever Chuck suggests because he knows best. Our timing was perfect because after lunch Santa arrived and declared that Chuck was on the good list, to which we all agreed.

Driving back and forth to Raleigh so much has given me to opportunity to listen to some great books on audible. Sometimes I arrive at my destination and I sit in the car finishing the chapter. Audible has been my godsend during this time of regular commuting. I have gotten to the point that I am very critical of the reader and their ability to do dialogue well in a voice of their opposite sex. Nonetheless, I am thankful for great books that make me not mind spending many hours in the car. January will find me spending double the time as my whole month is booked up with classes. The perfect thing to do in January, when I am unable to garden, just teach Mah Jongg, make new friends and listen to good books.

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