Driving Vs. Cleaning the Bathroom

For the last three days I spent a good amount of time driving in the car. Two days of the drive were not too long; day 1, three and a half hours, day 2, six hours, but day 3 was eight hours. Today is our first day home and I only had to drive Russ over to the airport to pick up his car. Other than that I have spent most of the day cleaning.

Normally if you asked me if I would like to drive five hours or spend one hour cleaning the bath room I might take the driving. I really don’t mind driving. But today I have never been so happy to clean the bathroom, as well as doing laundry, changing the sheets, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen floor and tending the garden.

As fun as visiting so many friends and doing so many fun things it was kind of nice to just do mundane things today. Despite all I did I still have plenty of other things to clean in my house. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving a clean house empty and coming home to a dusty one. I shouldn’t complain because I love my home. I just wish vacation wasn’t so tiring and coming home was more relaxing.

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