Better Late Than Never

It was three or four years ago that I agreed to chair the building committee for our churches new Fellowship hall. There was a great committee of building experts so it seemed like my job would mostly be communicating and herding. The schedule had us moving into the new building in time for Rally day, the first Sunday in September 2020.

The old building was torn down on time, the new building started coming out of the ground and then Covid hit. The building committee no longer met in person, like every other in person entity, but the building continued.

The worked slowed due to rain, and Covid. The original move in date seemed unimportant since we could not gather inside the building so we let our contractor go slower. We finally finished the building this winter, but we still could not use it. As people got vaccinated we thought we could begin to gather in groups, then Delta hit. We did go back to in person church services, but no all-church meals.

Today, one year, less one week, from the day we originally wanted, we finally dedicated our fellowship hall. At the end of church we all walked across the court yard, and social distanced ourselves around the main room. We installed our new officers and then dedicated the building with parishioners all putting a hand on the building to pray for it.

Next week will be Rally Day and the fellowship hall will be used for the purposes it was intended. It may have taken many years, but I look forward to celebrating many events there. Soon, no one but me will remember how long it took and how over due it was.

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