It Takes Good Friends

We made it home tonight, but stopped first to pick Shay up at her wonderful sitter, Mary. Mary has been taking care of Shay whenever we go away for ten years. Shay adores visiting her. This trip Shay was there with her cousin Brady for a few days and her neighbor dogs, Harry and Winston.

Mary said Shay had a ball, which we do not doubt, but now Shay is exhausted from all that activity and she is snuggled up ready to pass out. Thanks to Mary for always taking such good care of Shay.

I came home to a happy garden thanks to my friend Jan who watered and picked while I was gone. She got a good trade in all the veggies she could eat. It is terrible to work for months on your garden only to go away during high production season. Without Jan my garden would have failed. You need to pick constantly and water when needed.

I do have a lot of work to do to clean out cucumbers, squash and beans that have lived their course. Hopefully it will get a little cooler so I won’t miss Maine so much when I go out in the garden. Thanks Jan for keeping your eye on everything.

It helps to have good friends back at home when you go away. It is even better to come home and have everything in order.

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