Liberty May Give You Death

I am so tired of states where really stupid politicians are doing really stupid things. This week in Tennessee, the head of public health in the state, Michelle Fiscus was forced out of her job by the Republican lawmakers there because she was letting young people in the state know their rights about their health care and vaccines, a law that was passed 34 years ago.

These law makers took her informing teenagers of their rights as a step to far to offer young people vaccines and not only did they dismiss their own public health Dr., but they cut all funding for outreach about all childhood vaccines, like the regular MMR vaccines kids must have to go to school. These politicians, who are not health care providers themselves are making Important public health issues into political issues when they have nothing to do with politics.

The idea that giving people information is something that should be outlawed and is going backwards hundreds of years. Vaccinations have saved more lives than we can ever know. There is no reason to let measles, mumps and rubella to get a strong hold among our children ever again. Without vaccines polio would still be a common thing. Thanks to Dr. Salk and all the people who took the Vaccine sixty years ago it has practically been wiped out.

Cases of Covid are rapidly rising in States where the populations are far under vaccinated, Like Tennessee at 38%. That is a ridiculous number. Republican politicians should be begging their constituents to get vaccinated because right now the people who are dying are the unvaccinated, who happen to be their voters. Why would you want to kill your own people?

I happen to be related to Patrick Henry, who is famous for writing, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Well, liberty to not get a vaccine may give you death. Don’t be a fool and think, “I’m not letting any government tell me what to do.” Sure, stand on that right to die prematurely. In Tennessee, your politicians don’t even care to have actual Doctors give you information that might save your life. What fools, you are sheep being led to slaughter. You can have all the liberty you want in the afterlife.

One Comment on “Liberty May Give You Death”

  1. Anjuli Ambani says:

    The rest of the world calls it natural selection

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