Hope For North Carolina

Tonight Russ and I went across the street to our neighbor’s Mark and Mary Eileen’s house to meet Chief Justice Cheri Beasley who is running for US Senator to fill the seat of retiring Richard Burr. Beasley joined Mark’s Law firm of McGuire Woods after being a two-term Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court.

Cheri Beasley in the center, with Mark Anderson, Shannon Tucker and myself

This Senate race is one of the most important races in the midterm elections. Eyes are on North Carolina. Watching the current members of Congress I think it is high time we add people with brains and experience. Talking with Beasley tonight it was clear she has both, although her experience is with the law and not politics, which I see as a huge bonus.

Beasley has only recently decided to run so it is important to let North Carolinians know that she is a candidate for the Democratic Party in the primary in March. She and I talked about the work of the Food Bank as she and her husband have been long time supporters. She is clearly a bright and skillful orator, as well as being thoughtful in responses to questions about issues that she thinks are important to all North Carolinians.

As we have seen in the last five years, elections are important. We can’t be spectators in democracy. It is up to all of us to educate ourselves about the people we chose to represent us in all halls of government, from school boards, city halls, state legislatures and US Congress.

I am very impressed with Cheri Beasley. I invite you to learn more about her too. We can’t wait until March to leave the decision on who the candidates will be to a few people who come out to primaries.

Yesterday it was reported that Fitch, the people who rate governments for bond ratings announced that the US government AAA rating had a down grade warning and the reason given was the reduction in good governance of our government. Literally, legislatures who are dishonest are going to cost us more money when we issue bonds. A bond rating organization is officially telling us our break down of democracy has to be accounted for.

Now is the time to ensure that we elect people with great integrity and a firm grip on the constitution. Cheri Beasley has that experience to help ensure that good governance is the norm as well as representing the needs of all a North Carolinians in Washington.

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