Nothing Sweeter Than a Kitten

My friend Kristen is a life long animal lover. She comes by genetically as her mother has been saving animals Kristen’s whole life. I remember a story she told me once about a hurt fawn who her mother kept in their house until it was safe.

Kristen is mostly known for her love of Chihuahuas. Presently they make up ten of her dozen dogs that live in their own special room she built in her house. During Covid one of the animal rescue organizations that Kristen helps asked her if she would foster a pregnant mother cat. In a weak moment Kristen agreed and took in the single mother and helped birth a family of kittens, a first for Kristen.

Due to her superior cat midwifery, less than a month later, the shelter asked if she would take in another knocked up mother cat. Now a pro, she brought another littler into the world.

Kristen turned a sun porch on her guest house into a chattery and the kittens and mothers have been living in the lap of luxury. This also separated the dogs and cats into their own houses. One by one,some of the kittens and one of the mothers have been adopted. Currently Kristen has three black kittens, Okra, Gravy and Biscuit, born on April 11 available for adoption.

There are two darling Grey kittens, Eclair and Eggplant, born on May 11 still looking for forever homes, as well as their Momma the 8 month old Elsa.

If you have been thinking about getting a pet please consider adopting one of these sweet kittens. They have had all their shots and are fully socialized. You can contact Kristen Teer if you know her, or me if you don’t and I will out you in touch with her. Or you can go to the animal rescue site for

There is nothing better than the love of a sweet animal. It fills that place in your heart you did not know needs filling.

One Comment on “Nothing Sweeter Than a Kitten”

  1. beth says:

    so very sweet, I recently adopted a rescue kitten, to join my rescue cat. they are already great friends

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