I Just Remembered How Much I Like Making New Friends

There was one thing that Covid stole from us, the ability to make new friends in person. Now I feel blessed with lots of wonderful old friends. During the pandemic one of the highlights for me was a deepening friendship with some college friends. Two I really didn’t know that well in college, but we have had regular zooms that never would have happened if it weren’t for the pandemic.

The last two days I have had the fun of teaching MahJongg at the Coral Bay Club. It is my fourth or fifth year teaching at the beach, the second time this summer. This week’s class is strategy so I have many students from previous years beginner’s classes. It is fun to see people I have taught still playing and loving the game. It is even more fun to get to know new friends.

I am so thankful for my friend Kate who is hosting me. I have hardly seen her in the last 18 months. Tonight we went to dinner with her best friend at the beach Lynn. There is nothing I like more than meeting the friends of my friends. I feel like if I like you and you like them then I will like them too.

I can hardly think of a friend of my friend’s who I don’t like. It’s kind of like a friend stamp of approval.

The last two days spending time with new people and old friends alike reminded me how much fun it is to make new friends. Old friends are still the best and thanks goodness for them, but you really can’t have too many friends so meeting new ones is just a bonus.

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