Hotel Dogs

For the first time in a year both Russ and I were away from Shay for 48 hours. We could have taken her to South Carolina since were stayed in a dog friendly Hotel. My cousin Mary had her three King Charles Cavaliers with her, but they are seasoned hotel dogs.

Shay is not a dog who likes to be left alone in a hotel room. We have tried it. As soon as we leave the room she howls. She is not really much of a howler at home, but in a strange place she lets us and everyone in a two block radius know that she is unhappy.

Of course this is unacceptable. I am very interested how people who travel with their dogs get them to be quiet when you leave the hotel room?

It does not seem like it is something we could practice. If we put her in a strange room and left the room and stood in the hall waiting to see if she stops crying we might be there for a few hours. If we come right back and open the door she will think that the howling worked to get us back. We could rent out three floors of a hotel to try and do a training session that would not disturb other guests, but we don’t have that kind of money to spend to train our dog.

I am certain that other dogs love their humans as much as Shay loves us, but why don’t they cry when left alone. I don’t think Shay has a history of being abandoned so she should have no deep seated fears about being alone, but the pandemic has not helped with us all being together every minute.

At ten years old we are not going to train an old dog new tricks, but I would like to train myself for future dogs. Please give me advice. I would love to be one of those people who could travel with their dog.

One Comment on “Hotel Dogs”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    Hi Dana,

    I hope you get this email. I arrived home safely after 9 hours on the road. Mapquest directions said it should have been 7.5, but I always have to add time to those calculations.

    I hope Shay was reasonably happy during your and Russ’s absence. I am guessing you must have had someone in the house staying with her. I just left my two cats with a huge amount of fresh water and quite large amount of dry cat food and they were fine. If the trip was three nights, I would need a critter sitter just to check on them. I have no advice on how to leave Shay alone in a hotel room. The fact that there are three King Charles Cavaliers may help — keep each other company. The last time I saw those dear dogs was at the Michie reunion 10 years at ago at The Farm. Happy memories!

    Happy memories this past weekend too! I look forward to seeing you and Russ in February.



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